Nilesh Patel

CEO, LeadSquared


Nilesh is focused on helping businesses in high velocity, high volume sales to improve their sales execution and increase sales efficiencies.  He is on a mission to build LeadSquared as software partner of choice for sales execution for businesses, and he firmly believes that an awesome product and great customer service are both central to making that happen. He brings his decade long experience in sales and marketing to the team. Previously, Nilesh was the founder of Proteans, a recognized leader in software product development services space. He helped build the company from scratch to 350 people strong serving over 100 ISVs world-wide, before it was acquired by Symphony Teleca Corporation in 2010. Post-acquisition, Nilesh served as Vice-President of inside sales at Symphony before he decided to start LeadSquared. Nilesh has a degree in engineering from Delhi University, and before founding Proteans spent four years in IBM with their microprocessor test tools division.