Nilesh Patel

CEO, LeadSquared


Nilesh Patel is the Chief Executive Officer of LeadSquared, one of India’s leading SaaS companies. He  and his team have helped 2000+ businesses globally to improve their sales execution and increase  their sales efficiencies. LeadSquared operates across Indian and International markets. Nilesh brings  his two-decade-long experience in sales and marketing to the team and firmly believes that a great  product and customer service are central to becoming a technology partner of choice. Today,  LeadSquared is a fast-growing team of 1000+ employees. Previously, Nilesh was the Founder of  Proteans, a recognized leader in the software product development services space. Nilesh helped  build the company from scratch to become a global company serving over 100 ISVs worldwide before  it was acquired by Symphony Teleca Corporation in 2010. Post-acquisition, Nilesh served as Vice-President of Inside Sales at Symphony before he decided to start LeadSquared. 

Nilesh has a degree in engineering from Delhi University, and before founding Proteans spent four  years in IBM with their microprocessor test tools division.