Matt Sigelman

President, Burning Glass Institute; Chairman, Lightcast


Matt Sigelman is President of the Burning Glass Institute, Chairman of Lightcast, and a Visiting Fellow at the Harvard Kennedy School.  

Situated at the intersection of work and learning, the Burning Glass Institute advances data-driven research and practice for the future of work and the future of workers.

Matt has dedicated his career to unlocking new avenues for mobility, opportunity, and equity through skills. Before launching the Burning Glass Institute, Matt served as CEO of KKR-backed Lightcast for 19 years and continues to serve as the company’s Chairman. Matt and his team created the field of real-time labor market data, a breakthrough innovation that has transformed the way that employers, education institutions, policy makers, researchers, and workers understand, plan for, and connect with the world of work. By mining billions of job openings and career histories in over 30 countries, Matt led Lightcast to become a foremost authority on the global market for talent, harnessing advanced artificial intelligence and natural language processing to render data that provide unprecedented granularity on the changing landscape of opportunity for workers.  

Matt’s work has cracked the genetic code of an increasingly dynamic market, with deep insights that not only chart how the labor market is being redefined but also identify the skills that bridge the gap between people and opportunity. This intelligence is critical in protecting the workforce from obsolescence and in highlighting routes to economic advancement amid the threat of unprecedented automation-driven displacement and declining intergenerational mobility.  

Previously, Matt worked at McKinsey & Company and at Capital One.  

Matt is also Founder of the Main Line Classical Academy, an elementary school bringing the classical liberal arts curriculum and rigorous study in math and science to the kindergarten level on up and dedicated to the idea that children are never too young to learn great things.  

He writes widely on the job market and is consulted frequently by public officials and the global media. His work has been published in the Harvard Business Review, the Wall Street Journal, the Hechinger Report, the Chronicle of Higher Education, the Chicago Tribune, Inside Higher Education, and The Hill.  Matt holds an AB from Princeton University and an MBA from Harvard University and is a member of the Council on Foreign Relations.