John Porter

President, Lindenwood University


John R. Porter is a strategic leader recognized for his exemplary communication skills, team leadership, and expertise in account capture, customer relations, market penetration, and global growth strategy. He is passionate about improving team performance, driving revenue, and ensuring steady growth. John can lead global teams to deliver measurable results and complete complex objectives and projects while meeting or exceeding organizational expectations. 

Currently, as President of Lindenwood University, John manages a team of 13 vice presidents and handles long-term strategic planning for the university. He is working on developing a marketing plan and framework for how the university can engage with alumni more consistently. During his short time within this role, he has managed to complete the following accomplishments:

  • Established five-year operational goals and developed a five-year strategic plan that incorporates innovation, multiple revenue streams, corporate partnerships, and opportunities for growth.
  • Built a pathway to positive financial results, including governance around financials and a 40-40-20 revenue model (diversification of revenue streams).
  • Increased the university’s focus on alumni and partnerships at the corporate level.

Earlier in his career with IBM, John worked his way up from an entry level distribution order specialist to vice president of various company divisions. He was known for building successful leadership teams, restoring relationships with key clients, and generating revenue in previously underperforming divisions. His leadership and extraordinary ability to review and improve processes and establish and build strong relationships won him several awards, including the Golden Circle Award and multiple VP and 100% Club awards.

John has a doctorate of education from Johns Hopkins University and an MBA from Washington University. He serves on the boards of several universities and organizations, including the Missouri Colleges Fund and the Independent Colleges and Universities of Missouri. He is focused on speaking and lecturing engagements where he can share his award-winning expertise in operational, business, and revenue capture leadership.